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Credit Repair Basics – Do it Yourself!

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Credit repair does not have to be that involved. To repair credit, you have to do some simple tasks. Of course it depends on your unique situation, but if you are like most people who need credit repair (and you probably are), simply sending out basic credit repair letters will improve your profile dramatically.

So what do we mean by “most people.” Well, the economic situation is unstable, of course, and there are a lot more people without jobs, losing their homes and cars and assets. This is not what is meant by ‘most people.’ The common person in need of credit repair is like this: twenty something, made some pretty poor financial decisions when they were younger, hasn’t yet quite figured out how to fix it. Or, they are someone who had a tragedy or loss of income and had to file bankruptcy. Such people can typically expect to see drastic improvements after credit repair, especially if there are still several old accounts showing up on their credit report.

When a person undertakes credit repair, the first obvious place to start is by getting their credit report. This is an essential step and there are a lot of good places to get your credit report online. But there’s no need to buy any of the ‘up’ sales. When you get a free credit report, these sites allow you to do that because they think they can sell you something else and that’s where they make their money. You don’t need those extras though. Just get the report.

When you look it over, try to determine what things you think should not be on there. That is what you are going to dispute. When you dispute those things, you need the account name and account number for the credit dispute letter. That is what you put on the credit repair letter.

Credit dispute letters exist in many varieties. They should look like they are coming from a ‘real’ person, so there’s no need to make them perfect, but you need to get your point across when you write these credit repair letters. There are a lot of form letters you can find on the web. The FTC even provides one. You should personalize the letters a bit, as these letters have no doubt been used thousands of times. Just change some of the wording or change up the letter a bit. This will help you in the long run because the credit report companies scan these letters looking for letters that look the same so they can call them ‘frivolous’ disputes and throw them out.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the self credit repair process. Credit disputing is not terribly complex. Just do it and get on with your life.

Matthew Wierzbinski is the owner of http://CreditBlossom.com, which offers both written and video instructions on how to repair your own credit. It also offers the public free use of its amazing credit repair letter generating tool, the free and easy Credit Repair Letter Wiz™, which can be found at http://creditblossom.com/Content/LetterGeneratingTool.aspx .

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