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Fuel Cards and Fleet Cards

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Saving money and cutting costs are high on the agenda of businesses at present and none more so than trying to save money on the high cost of fuel.

During this harsh economic time, many small businesses have plunged into obscurity. The financial constraints placed on them has crippled their ability to compete with larger, better known companies and many have even gone into administration. Bankruptcy and liquidation seem common place and are now even accepted as part and parcel of the present economic climate.

Top business men and financial experts brought in by the government have tried to address the situation using various strategies to bail out large and small businesses, and there are ways and means to help cash flow.

Throughout these harrowing times, reputable fuel card companies have been playing their part in trying to reduce the expenditure for both large and small businesses. Fuel cards for businesses come with fixed rates for diesel, petrol and liquid petroleum gas.

There are a number of fuel cards out there with various savings and discounts and if used properly, can have a positive impact on your expenditure. It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of HGVs, taxis or buses or if it is only one car or van, the discounts from fleet cards or business fuel cards for individuals will ensure that you will save money on your fuel.

In this present climate any saving for businesses is a must and the less expenditure you have the more chance your business has of surviving.  Fuel cards will save you and your business money but make sure you deal with a reputable company.

Managing a fleet of any size during a recession can be daunting. Whatever business you are in, times of economic strife such as these can mean we all have to be extra vigilant of our expenditure and where this is going. Finding the time to maintain this can be challenging. Fuel card providers offer a wide range of fuel cards aimed at catering for an extensive range of business needs. If you are the operator of a fleet of vehicles, fleet cards may be just what you’re looking for.

Fleet cards enable you to manage your fuel budget more effectively as fuel prices are fixed at a weekly rate. This alone will improve your budgeting as you will be able to better predict outgoings. Employing fleet cards into your regular business strategy will also eliminate the need to provide cash or ‘kitties’ to your drivers – instantly improving security for the drivers and for your peace of mind.

Having to worry about whether allotted ‘fuel money’ is actually being spent on fuel becomes a thing of the past. Fleet cards can be amended to suit the needs of your drivers at your discretion – you can allow your drivers to be able to purchase fuel related items such as lubricants. You can access your account information online 24/7 – your online invoice will state time, date, place and vehicle and amount. These alerts can even be sent direct to your mobile. These electronic invoices will also mean painstaking trawling through receipts will become obsolete. In short; Fleet cards = peace of mind!

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