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Is Charge.Com The Best Credit Card Merchant Account Service?

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

It’s not simple to answer without being aware of the exact requirements of the business. However having said that charge.com can be effectively evaluated by looking as very important points that are vital to all merchant account holders.

We will look at price first. This means how much it will cost you to take the credit cards that people are using to pay for the goods or services.

It could be so simple, however some merchant account companies love to make this difficult.

Rates are a great way for companies in the industry to get a little ‘creative’ with their advertising campaigns and hide some of their charges that you only find when your first statements come through. Charge.com scores very highly here.

Then you have to look at the time span that a company wants you to sign a contract for. Many companies want you to sign onto a contract that lasts a long time. This seems pointless and I cannot see the reason why they would want you to do this. Charge.com does not do well here.

So now we need to look at what kind of service they can provide. Can they offer a variety of account facilities to you. Perhaps you need to hook things up to your website and you want a special kind of shopping cart, or maybe you even want to go mobile out on the road with your sales team? You have to be sure that a merchant account provider will be able to deal with every eventuality.

The list goes on, but it ultimately ends with a company that will get your transactions done with no fuss, because you won’t make anything if you can’t take orders. That means there has to be an absolute dedication to customer and technical service and support.

So how does this charge.com review ultimately pan out. We can certainly say they are a very high quality merchant account provider.

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