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Is it possible to get Poor Credit Credit Cards?

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Credit cards are good sources of credit. However, not every person fits the category of excellent that is required of most credit cards. Poor credit rating may cause you to miss out on a good credit card with great offers and rebates. All is not lost however since they are credit cards designed just for this particular category of people.

The following is a list of such credit cards that offer exclusive service to persons with poor ratings of credit. The first of this kind is the Applied Bank Secured Visa Credit Card. This card comes at a low fixed APR rate of 9.99%, a rate that is guaranteed to remain constant even if you are late in making payment. It has a credit limit of $5,000 and does not need any credit or income requirements when applying. Another such card is the First PREMIER Bank Gold MasterCard this card promises low APR on purchases, instant credit response and quality customer service.

The First PREMIER Aventium MasterCard is another credit card for the poorly rated. It offers low APR on purchases, welcomes all credit applications and reports monthly to 4 major credit bureaus. The Silvercard Prepaid Mastercard is the perfect card for persons who are already benefitting from government and benefit checks. It has a guaranteed approval and gives you a 9.9% APR and a default APR of 19.9%. the Public Savings Secured Visa Credit Card assures you a 0% APR for purchases for 6 months. It does not charge an annual fee and requires no credit information.

Applied Bank Secured Visa Gold Credit Card gives you a low fixed APR of 9.99% and a credit limit of 5,000$. It has no credit requirements and features credit bureau reporting. The PREMIER Banner MasterCard gives you instant credit application results. It is designed for persons with poor credit and gives low APR on purchases. The Centennial Gold MasterCard promises the poorly rated creditor instant approval. It provides competitive APR on purchases and reports to four major credit bureaus.

Lastly we have the Applied Bank National Express Secured Visa Credit Card which offers a low APR of just 9.99% to poor creditors and an annual fee of $50. It also gives a free companion airline ticket. Thus you see how it is possible to get poor credit credit card. Leave worries of your poor credit score and go for the cards if you are really in need. A valuable advice – try to reform your credit score as soon as possible to avoid the high interest rates.

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