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Promote Your Business Through Co-Branded Card Programs.

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

The modern way of life is based increasingly on the internet. Sensing the need of the moment, internet based payment services have become more and more pro-active. The latest service offered by Epayarea, a leading online payment serves is innovative and good. It has partnered with MasterCard and Visa to offer its members co-branded debit cards. These online co-branded debit cards have expanded the financial reach of its customers.

This has been advantageous to Epayarea as it has enhanced its company branding, and also for its customers who now are able to make purchases and use the money from their online accounts at any merchant that accepts MasterCard and Visa Card all over the world.

This is a much wider option than the ones offered by generic debit cards belonging to many online payment services. It ropes in the wider reach of MasterCard and Visa that have millions of member merchants that accept these cards globally. Its members can also use email and SMS to transact money online.

Epayarea.com offers several other innovative services like their payroll and business services which can be used by employers to pay their workers world wide. It is an efficient way to save time and reduce your payroll and pay out expense. Just log into www.epayarea.com and use their payroll service.

Epay has co branded card programs in which it has tied up with credit card companies and offers prepaid credit cards, co branded debit card programs which are virtual and transact like normal debit cards.

These offer a huge advantage on generic debit card program. Epayarea premium debit cards and their pre-loaded virtual credit cards belong to their co-branded debit card programs and their branded prepaid card programs respectively. They offer convenience, as the customer can use ATMs supported by credit card companies, as well as shop world wide for goods.

The three main co branded card programs are easy to get in. You can order them online, fund them and then immediately activate them and they are ready to use. You can deactivate them online too, which is a wonderful security measure.

To know more about Epayarea services, just visit www.epayarea.com, and sign up with them. The best part is that membership is free. However one needs to remember that Epayarea is not a bank, but a payment gateway. You pay as you use. It is a negligible amount which is offset by the advantages of using such an easy and efficient online payment service.

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