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Repair Credit after a Bankruptcy – All you Need to Know

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Nearly all people who go through a bankruptcy are told by their lawyer that their credit report will take care of itself or that the lawyer will take care of their credit report for them. Rarely does this turn out to be true. Most of the time, a bankruptcy will leave lingering items on your credit report for years and years. Many times creditors will continue to report on accounts that were rolled into a bankruptcy and this is absolutely not legal. Frequently, those creditors will just fail to update the accounts to show a zero balance. This too is illegal.

As far as credit repair goes, repairing your credit after a bankruptcy is really one of the simplest scenarios you could be in. The process is simple: you need to write credit dispute letters for everything you included in your bankruptcy. Why? There are two reasons: 1) often the creditor will not respond to the dispute since you don’t owe them anything–this causes the account to be deleted; and 2) because it is usually the case that the creditors are reporting these accounts incorrectly. The second reason is the reason that gives you the right to dispute the account. The first reason is the big benefit to you.

If a large number of accounts were included in your bankruptcy, then you will have quite a few credit repair letters to write. This can be a pain, but it is well worth your time. You could pay one of the thousands of credit repair companies, but if you consider what these companies really do compared to how much you will have to pay, you will probably feel like you’re getting ripped off. As with anything else, you have to look at your whole situation. Can you afford 3 hours of time to save yourself $600 – $1000? If so, you should look into doing self credit repair. Especially in the case of a bankruptcy where it is a simple matter of mailing out one wave of credit dispute letters, self credit repair is really the best option–and it can be done for only the cost of the postage you’ll buy to mail the letters.

If you’re interested in using–for FREE–an online credit repair tool that will help you create your credit repair letters in a matter of minutes, you can access it, along with video tutorials explaining how to use it, through my website, listed below.

Matthew Wierzbinski is the owner of http://CreditBlossom.com, which offers both written and video instructions on how to repair your own credit. It also offers the public free use of its amazing credit repair letter generating tool, the free and easy Credit Repair Letter Wiz™, which can be found at http://creditblossom.com/Content/LetterGeneratingTool.aspx .

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