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Arbitrary! GoerTek GSH300 Bluetooth Headset

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

Headset call, also located in the right hole on the headset, the left ear without any functional part of the control buttons. The figure we can see through the headphones hanging trunnion GSH300 workmanship is very smooth, it should be said, GSH300 in appearance, described as “crafted.” Accessories side, GSH300 separate charger is equipped with a USB, USB cable and a thick manual in English and Chinese bilingual. Mp3 similar on the market majority, even if the user is not convenient to connect power, through the computer’s USB interface can also be charged on GSH300.

Carved on the exterior, and did not hide GSH300 powerful, and both fashion and powerful, it is GSH300 features. As shown, GSH300 Bluetooth V1.2 version of the current maximum, it has a higher connection speed and stability, up to 15 hours of continuous talk time and 300 hours of standby time is the leader in Bluetooth headset . The same time I noticed, which headset support A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile) protocol, if the user’s mobile phone also supports the protocol, you can use headphones to enjoy audio from the phone to play, including Mp3 ringtones, video sound, etc., with GoerTek launched GBDA60 audio adapter, GSH300 also user-friendly way to enjoy from a wireless iPod or other audio player, but as long as the computer is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter, GSH300 can also be used as wireless headsets, connect a computer to use.

Software: IVT BlueSoleil 1.4 Winamp 5.08e Windows Media Player First, you need to shut down the state’s multi-function button press GSH300 than 5 seconds, waiting for lights to flash alternately red and blue states, open the phone part of the Bluetooth adapter to pair. Pairing process is very simple to find and enter the identification number 0000 match declared a success, paired directly connected GSH300, you can use the phone Mp3 player directly play music.

Confined to limited conditions, I did not GSH300 and Moto, SE and Samsung and other phone is paired to test and play situations. But very unfortunately, due to GSH300 itself does not have the Mp3 of the hardware decoding capabilities, the user can hear the headset is the sound output through the phone directly, if the Nokia 6670 is similar to a class of single-channel audio output, Mp3 playback is not very good, with the author’s 6630, GSH300 play Mp3 Mp3 quality and general performance of low-end goes to a special, as long as the phone’s capacity is large enough, with the GSH300, the function can become a mobile phone has Wireless Mp3 player.

Likewise, the Bluetooth adapter and related software, users can also use GSH300 enjoy high quality music on the computer. In the author’s IVT BlueSoleil 1.4, for example, were paired in the usual search facilities to find GSH300, refresh the service and click on the Bluetooth headset service, this time for as long as GSH300 standby, the computer connection to a Bluetooth headset. In either WInamp 5.08e or Windows Media Player, because the output is has been hard decoding Mp3, so its very good audio playback quality.

As a Bluetooth headset, GSH300 part of the performance of the call is still worth noting. After matching field I receive a call from long-distance friends. Put on the headphones, I came to the corridor(bluetooth headphones), the headset with the phone placed between the walls separated by 2-3, a straight line distance of 9 meters, GSH300 response is still sensitive at this time only a little voice headset some noise, but it is also limit the scope of its work, it should be said that the working radius of 10 meters to a straight line distance is not so difficult for GSH300 Similarly, based on good quality microphone, call this one the author, before we know with whom I use a Bluetooth headset call. As the author claims no phone charges, so 15 hours of talk there is no test (some reports I have test tube but in the back ah ……), day samples, GSH300 has been kept in the standby mode, 5 days later I continued to perform well when tested, I believe its built-in battery quality is quite excellent.From: wholesale bluetooth headsets

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