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Why Debt Consolidation Loans Are Risky

Todays Date: December 12, 2018

When faced with great debt we often turn to loans to resolve the issue. However this is not always the best solution to the problem. There is a significant risk in doing that is, and it can even makes the situation worst. This is why one must be careful when considering Debt Consolidation Loans.

They may provide a short term benefit and limited relief, but the best solution to get out of debt is to not only eliminate current debt, but find and work with someone that will help you to change your spending and credit habits. Sound advice and a realistic plan will allow you to get out of debt, and ensure you don’t face the same situation in the future.

A debt consolidation loan is structured in such a way that it takes your existing debt, which can be owed to various lenders, credit card companies, retail stores, school loans, car companies and mortgage holders and pays off all of those debts with one new bigger loan, which totals the amount of all the other loans.

For example, if you owed $10,000 on 3 credit cards, $5000 on a car, and $20,000 on school loans, you could get a single debt consolidation loan to pay off all these other amounts, and owe $35,000 to one company. While this may initially be appealing, there are many hidden dangers and traps for the consumer, and benefits for the credit card and lending companies.

As mentioned earlier, the best solution would be a change in the way in which an individual deals with their financial circumstances. More debts usually mean more problems. The seriousness of the problem can result in frustration and even legal action.

Another concern is the interest rate and fees paid for these debt consolidation loans versus credit card and other loans. Student loans are typically at a low interest rate, and the rates offered for a debt consolidation loan may be higher, resulting in more money paid out to the lending company and less savings for the consumer.

If the interest rate on a student loan is 5%, and the interest rate on a debt consolidation loan is 8%, you are paying an additional 3% by consolidating your loan. Also, a debt consolidation loan may offer the same or lower interest rate than a credit card, but it could have hidden annual and processing fees which will ultimately make it more expensive for the consumer.

In order to eliminate debt effectively, borrowers must actually pay a greater amount each month but at the lowest interest rates available. Also, they must change the way they see and use credit, because without a change in spending patterns and behaviors, the amount of money they owe over time will only increase.

Finally, debt management plans are generally far more suitable for reducing debts. At first glance it may appear that this is similar to taking out a loan, but the reality is that it is totally different. Having a consultation with a debt adviser can help you to come up with a far better plan that will suit your present financial means, and get you out of debt far more quickly.

Debt consolidation has never been better. Find the best debt management advice by visiting Debt Relief Ireland now.

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