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Corporate And Commercial Banking Benefits

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

The smaller, local or family owned businesses and companies deal with commercial banks and the larger, nationally recognized conglomerates use corporate banks. There are many benefits to comparing corporate and commercial banking.

Commercial banking is usually for local businesses that are considered small businesses or companies that do not require large sums of cash or will be making large loan payments or deposits.

For corporate banking, there are a number of analytical disciplines and specific tools the banker will use and know which will benefit a corporation over a regular bank that deals with small, personal banking needs.

A corporation will need to take risks to ensure their success and to help them navigate the waters of those risks there are risk managers employed by the financial institutions at the corporate banking level. They will help to lessen a corporation’s risk factor in the monetary arena.

With a commercial bank, a business usually gains funds or interest on their money through term deposits or time deposits. A term deposit is when a company or business makes a considerable deposit into a commercial banking institution; they will not be able to withdrawal the funds for a period of time or a term, thus earning money while the bank uses that money to lend to other companies and businesses.

Small companies and businesses will receive financial help through a commercial bank with such things as a safe deposit box for important, confidential papers, brokerage, distribution and sales of various kinds of insurances, treasury services, receiving term deposits, cash management help, issuing checks and bank drafts.

A corporate banking center or banker will help a corporation with their working capital which includes things like setting up and maintaining several different short-term accounts such as insurance quotes or investments of smaller amounts that are only tagged for a short period of time. A corporate bank will help a corporation with their capital investments which are the long-term needs of a corporation and they hold things like the capital structures and fixed assets.

Not exactly like loans, corporate banks offer corporate bonds to corporations that qualify or have good credit. Issuing a bond is like a marker for cash. A corporation that wants to raise money for improvements or adding new merchandise to their catalog will often go to a bank with a corporate bond for cash with a maturity date that is past the one year anniversary of the bonds set up date.

Small businesses or companies are unable to handle corporate bonds so they must take out traditional style loans in order to receive the working capital they want for items they need to grow their business. Some of these loans are unsecured which means there is no collateral put up in case of default, however, others are secured loans and will need a piece of collateral such as a building or fleet of vehicles.

There is more than the simple size of corporate and commercial banking to separate the two. The amount of business and the amount of money each deals with is also a consideration that separates the two types of financial companies.

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