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Debit Cards – Prevention To A Line Of Credit

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Debit cards are a substitute to credit cards that provides you added control of your funds.  By means of a debit card you are not extended to a line of credit. A debit card permits you to take out or utilize funds that are left in your account.

There are many diverse causes for why people make use of debit cards. Students may be given cards for urgent situations use while at university. Pre-paid Cards can be given as assistance or can be held in reserve for emergency uses.

Some of the debit cards in Australia

Commsec debit card

The Commsec debit card is issued by Commsec, or Commonwealth Securities, which is the stock broking division of the Commonwealth bank, one of the prime banks in Australia. This card is well appropriate for shareholders.

There are no expenditure confines on the Commsec debit card, equal to the value of the money that is being held.  There are no charges on the debit card.  This consists of annual fees, debit card fees and fees to withdraw from Commonwealth Bank ATMs.  Though there are charges to withdraw from non-Commonwealth MasterCard ATMs, both in Australia and overseas.

Contrasting many other current accounts it does not have some of the superior features such as a cheque book and it will not pay interest also. But it can be used as a main account.

The debit card is sponsored by MasterCard, one of the two biggest debit card operators in the world and is acknowledged nearly everywhere in the world.  MasterCard also has a highly developed fraud detection facility plus a zero responsibility guarantee.

Westpac debit card

The Western Pacific Banking Corporation, also famous as Westpac, is one of Australia’s leading banks.

Westpac debit card is presented through the MasterCard Company.  This means that there is a remarkable international arrangement of both shops that will acknowledge the card and more or less a million ATMs where the card can be used.Though the debit card has to be used in combination with a westpac current account.

MasterCard’s ticket discovery service, Applause, works on the Westpac card.  This allocates people to locate and purchase tickets for concerts and sporting events, even when the tickets are in otherwise short supply. The card is also facilitated by the security facilities provided by MasterCard called Falcon.


Adam Reedy writes about “Debit Cards” – At DebitCard.com.au you can compare the best available debit cards and credit cards from across Australia.

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