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Debt Consolidation: The Plain Simple Truth

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

With an average American household today running anywhere from $10,000 in debt a huge part of that is credit card debt. Living well beyond your means has totally taken its toll. There is a great sinking feeling that will come naturally to individuals mind that standard people like you and me are going broke and seeing the inevitable happening to them when they see that they owe some monthly payment toward their credit cards adjusted only the interest they owe and the total principal due remains the same. In fact it produces month after month as any interest that remains unpaid is added up to the principal amount. This is the problem. You are revolving debt and it will not go on forever. The problem should be taken care of today. Take a good look at what the interest rate you are paying on your credit cards and you’ll be surprised on the crazy 20% percent you’re paying per annum.

A consolidation loan could pay off your entire credit card debits at one go and it comes at a low interest of only 13% per annum.. This will work out to a great saving of 15% on your rate and is a bigger reduction on your interest that you outgo with you monthly payment that’s as much as 60% of what your paying. Those who have paid $1000 every month as monthly payments can now look to pay a small amount of $400 only. It’s the best of both worlds by leaving you more money each month in your hand and give you a better financial position by paying off your debts. You can expect to become debt free and be a lot happier. All this could happen with financial prudence and care.

Remember if the interest rate has got to be lower you have to provide collateral which might well be your house. If you do not really take enough time to make these payments on time you could lose your home it’s really that simple. Remember that the lender can do what they want if you default on the loan because it’s fully secured and those are the terms you signed on. Now a proper financial discipline should be maintained with respect to your credit cards.

If you instill proper financial discipline you be able to complete your loan and become a happier person because of it. One pitfall that many people get into is since your due have be fully paid you might be tempted that you can continue to spend like you did in the past with your credit cards. If you do this you’ll run the risk of running into even more debt. Only this time you would have nothing to pay them off and that will be the route to bankruptcy.

Also remember you are still in debt and your roof over your head is in stake. Carefully select a lender with clean records for your debt consolidation loan. You can barter for better terms and check out all the options before you make a decision that will make your life better.

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