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English Premier League vs La Liga (EPL VS LA LIGA)

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

A number of football fans have this debate that which is league is better among the English Barclays Premier or the Spain’s La Liga. For a few years, these two competitive leagues have been battling for the top spot and to prove which is more challenging is it English Premier League? Is La Liga most watched around the world?

Well both BPL and La Liga teams play 38 games each whichever team finished in the top four of the table gets the chance to play in the most prestigious tournament in the world, the UEFA Champions League, the mid finishers play in the UEFA Europa League and the bottom three teams gets relegated to the second division of the club, which in England is known as the Coca Cola championship and in Spain known as Segunda Division.

In the 2010/2011 season, the BPL/EPL title winner went to Manchester United who finished with 80 points followed by Chelsea with 72, Manchester City who finished 12 points behind the gunners Arsenal. In La Liga, Barcelona finished with an outstanding 96 points followed by Real Madrid with 90 points and then down dropping by 25 points was Valencia in third and Villareal with only 49 points.

Based on the points for the teams who finished in top four shows that Barclays premier League is more balanced, challenging and competitive against the top four in La Liga. For around a decade now, it has always been the two teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona who have been competing for all the major trophies in Spain. We have hardly seen that, Valencia or Villareal or Athletico Madrid have given a breathtaking challenge to the mighty two whereas in the EPL, the top four in the last two or three season has not been constant; it has always been so competitive. EPL is not ruled by Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea anymore, EPL has become more and more open with teams such as Man City who have created such a strong team, thanks to the Middle East billionaires, Tottenham, Aston Villa and even Newcastle who have got such talented players with their spirits rising every season.

Also in-terms of mostly watched around the World, English Premier League is most watched than La Liga. Not taking into account Europe, Africa mostly watches EPL matches since their main broadcast channel Sky Sports is collaborated with the South African channel known as DSTV. Most of the fans in Africa support English Premier League teams. Example taken is Egypt, 85% plus population in Egypt support Manchester United and in Kenya, most of the youngsters, teenage support Arsenal. Also in Asia, most of the fans are more in to the English game rather than the Spanish game.

In the Middle East and in Asian countries, most people watch La Liga. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and others, most of the fans are Barcelona and Real Madrid. When EL CLASSICO meets, it’s like rivals meeting with all the chanting going on in Arabic language. Also in India especially the Western Coast of India in Mumbai, most people prefer watching La Liga.

In conclusion, EPL still holds the dominance over the La Liga by just a whisker. Even though, Barcelona has showed its dominance both in the league and in UEFA by beating Manchester United in Wembley last season but, EPL teams have been in the UEFA finals six times and won twice both by Man Utd. Also the marketing which EPL has been doing over the past few years and attracting, increasing millions of fan base has surely made the English Premier League game to prevail. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool came to Malaysia not only to increase their fan base which they did remarkably well but also to show to others who basically not see football, that EPL have teams which are financially stabled.

Author says that nowadays, anybody can watch football from anywhere, thanks to internet and live football streaming services where you can get the latest updates on the games and how your favorite team is performing. One of the live football stream website I use is http://www.StreamLiveSports.net/

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