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Marketing on facebook at boom

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Social Media is changing all the time with new services and new technology appearing at a blinding pace. Social Media Marketing must be approached very different than traditional marketing. You are not selling your business; you are creating relationships through communities. If people feel you are part of their community, they will support you and recommend you to their friends. It is truly word-of-mouth marketing at its best. Social Media Marketing has its own rules that are very different than traditional marketing. It is very important to know how to structure and manage a Social Media Marketing campaign as your company’s reputation depends on it. Marketing on facebook and Twitter marketing are very different, for example, yet both are necessary for a complete campaign.

Marketing online is not really all that much different than in face to face transactions. Let’s say someone came into your place of business, would you run right up to them and yell BUY STUFF FROM ME! Well, that is what you are doing when you are posting marketing messages to anybody and everybody who you come in contact with online. The goal is to develop relationships. Build rapport with people and after awhile, if they need your product or service, they might buy from you or perhaps give you a referral. You do this by interacting with folks, something that Facebook Fan Pages are perfect for. The key to marketing is going where potential clients are. Well, with 400 million members on Facebook, I think that is an obvious one. The fact that Facebook is providing you with this opportunity is enormous, it is up to YOU to make it profitable for your business.

On the other hand Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking services and has created many business growth opportunities to major companies who have taken their brand marketing from TV and Radio to the internet. What was costing thousands of dollars a day in advertisting is now costing little to nothing! Twitter is now more then just a place to post random thoughts, it is the place to build your business. If you are looking to increase sales, build better opt in lists and in general make money online, then twitter is your answer.

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