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My Opinion On Christian Debt Consolidation Services

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

Christian debt consolidation services is a moniker that stands out from all of the rest of the debt restructuring services, because they claim to be based on Christian principles and will not lead you down the garden path. That remains to be seen. There is so much corruption in the world today that when anything comes along that claims to be religious based, most people are wary to say the least, and wonder if they are on the up and up. And sometimes, the debt load that many of these folks have is so crushing, that any service that touts honesty as their primary policy is the light in the dark that the debt laden are looking for, and they head for it like lemmings.

To me that seems like a ploy just to get your business. How much can a religious based business differ from one that is not? They both would use the basic premise of debt consolidation and restructuring with budgets set up for the future to keep you out of further trouble, and negotiations with your creditors. The ones that offer Christian debt consolidation must have some kind of an ace up their sleeve.

In this day and age of so much corruption all around us, and a lot of it so visible; it makes the choice of going with a debt consolidation business all the more traumatic, because you don’t know who is on the other side of the desk from you, and just what are they going to do with all your very personal data after you leave the room. For this reason, a lot of folks are lulled by the thought of dealing with someone who puts the tenets of Christianity first in his work, and therefore must be someone who can be trusted and one who will treat you honestly and with respect.

So, just because a debt service advertises themselves as a Christian debt consolidation service, does that mean that they are on the up and up and will treat you as they would want to be treated? For the most part, yes. There are some that are not trustworthy in their dealings with the public, but generally the businesses that advertise as Christian based, are what they say they are, and they conduct their business lives the same way they conduct their own lives–based on the Bible and how they themselves would want to be treated.

One thought that occurs to me about that is the Better Business Bureau first of all, and then, go by public opinion—word of mouth. Nothing is more accurate for the most part, than talking to folks who have had first hand experience with the service you are thinking of dealing with; and getting their take on what the whole operation is like. The BBB is a good reference point in getting an overall picture of the performance of an operation, and how many people have taken the time to send in remarks about the company in question; but it is not infallible. I have had experiences where I have checked out a service with the BBB, and found nothing amiss; and then got burned big time—–it’s happened more than once.

I guess the mantra here would be; buyer beware. Check out as many avenues as you can before you deal with one of these services that claim to be a Christian debt consolidation service, and get the full picture before baring your soul financially to them. Just because they state that they follow a Christian way of life in dealing with people, doesn’t mean that they actually do.

The days of when a handshake sealed a deal and put the word of the folks involved on trial, are long gone; and in their place are thousands of shysters and double talkers and amoral people who would take you to the cleaners as soon as look at you—–so the advice here is to beware. The world is not a hospitable place anymore, and there are so many people looking for ways to dupe others and make a quick buck, that before you do business with any service, make sure you check them out thoroughly. Remember, just because they say they are a Christian debt consolidation service doesn’t necessarily mean they practice what they preach; and it is up to you to make sure you are dealing with a service that means what they say.

Imus Jackson is an author and publisher on such topics as Christian Debt Consoildation. For more information on Consolidate Debt visit our site.

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