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Saving Money while getting Debt Relief

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

There are so many people that ask how they can save more money when trying to pay off their debts and in a majority of cases the masses believe that it is as simple as reducing the amount that they spend down to below the level of that which they pay off from the debt each month. In most cases they do not see that they are not paying off as much as is possible for them.

So onto How to Save money, you pay out for things almost every day without even thinking about it, your lunch at work, coffee from the coffee machine at work, petrol to and from work, bus fare to work, train fare to work, groceries from the local store and so on. The fact is by thinking about all of these and putting in a little more effort you can make that extra saving.

How long is your list? Mine was huge, now there is an investment you need to make but before you run screaming the investment is a little bit of time and consideration. Think before you put your hand in your pocket and you will save cash and get out of debt.

If you buy your lunch at work you could be making a great saving by simply taking your lunch to work with you. And I hear you saying straight away, I don’t get up early enough to make my lunch, my answer “You want to know how to save money and get out of debt? Get up earlier or make your lunch before you go to bed and put it in the fridge!”

That handful of change you have in your pocket or your purse that you use to fill up the coffee machine at work all adds up at the end of the week as well. There are two options to this one take your own coffee from home in a flask, the flask will pay for itself in a few weeks and you will still get your coffee. Alternatively stop drinking as much coffee and turn to the healthy option and drink water, that way you win on both counts.

In my youth I had a obsession with the fact that I thought I was cool turning up to work each morning in my car. Then as I matured and became more aware of money I started to think that this was more and more uncool and a waste of resource. I started asking around friends who worked close by and co-workers. It wasn’t long before I was paying a fraction of what I was on my own.

If you catch the bus have you thought about getting on the bus a stop later and getting off one stop further from your destination, this works with the train as well. Not only will you save money but you will also feel healthier double bonus!

Getting your weekly shop as we know is never cheap and getting the weekly shop from your local store can work out a lot more expensive than if you get the bulk of what you need from one of the larger stores. Now before I get accused of killing off small business by advising people to get their shop from the big stores lets bear in mind that you want to learn how to save money and get out of debt and that is one of the ways.

Saving money sounds easy but when you think about the money you spend needlessly each week on things you could get elsewhere at a much reduced cost you would probably start to see that it can be achieved quickly and effectively. Making simple changes can save you more money than you realize in the long term.

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