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Some Fun Tactics To Use To Encourage A Collection Agency To Stop Calling You

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Everyone knows what a collection agency is – and does. A few people have even developed an aversion to picking up the phone – especially after one too many verbal onslaughts from a bill collector with a nasty attitude. A person is already aware of the embarrassment a financial bind causes them, with the added daily trials of humiliation and threats delivered by phone.

Wouldn’t it be fun to deliver a little pay back – so the world’s collection agencies get a little taste of the pie they’ve dished out to others over the years? Well, in the interest of keeping the playing field leveled – and to have a laugh – here’s a few ideas to put into play, that might balance the scales a bit if you’re ever stuck in a predicament where you’re phone has become the enemy:

Deny, Deny, Deny – It’s relatively easy to tell when you’ve got a “collector” on the phone. In addition to the strange “800” number showing up, the call often begins with a recording that asks the listener to either confirm – or deny – that they’ve got the right person. If he is the incorrect party, he’s supposed to hang up the phone – end of story. Well, you can always choose to go this route – but although this will delay having to talk to them, it won’t stop them from tying up your phone to try to catch you in the lie.

Now, you can choose to just hang up, but this is rarely the end of their calls – as so many debtors try this, thinking the bill collector will just “go away”. It’s more fun to try and scare them, and pay them back with a taste of their own medicine. What you do is wait for the recorded voice to ask its questions – and state “yes”. Then, as soon as you hear the agent click over onto the line, start screaming as loud as you can, “NO! For the millionth time, I am NOT this person. You are making the voices mad. I’m telling you now to STOP CALLING!” and hang up. Make sure you answer every time you see it’s them, and scream a various theme of your “denial message” each time – like you’re indeed, crazy. The bill collector may not stop trying to collect, but he may settle for sending you his threats in the mail in the future.

Just “visiting” – Pretend to be a visitor in your country – someone who doesn’t speak the language, or ANY language for that matter. Speak gibberish, mumbling incoherently. And, if you pick up the phone and answer as “you” – don’t worry. Just put them on hold and tell them you’re getting the person they want, right away. Give it a few moments to keep them hanging. When you finally come back, make sure you’re in character for the rest of the call. Be hard to understand and repeat everything they say in a heavy accent. From time to time, throw out a word or two – like “yes” or “sure” – just to make them think they might be getting somewhere in making you understand the nature of the call, then start mumbling nonsense again. You’ll find you’re suddenly as big a headache to them, as they’ve been to you.

Play “lonely” – A surefire way to get those collection calls to stop is to demand attention from your caller. That’s right. Act needy and starved for human attention. Start off by exclaiming how good it is to hear any human voice – then follow-up with the hour-long sad story of your contagious limb deformity that’s prevented you from working and paying your bills – as naturally, you scare off job interviewers the moment they see you. Be sure to keep the person on the phone, redirecting the subject at hand, back to you and your woes. Keep bugging them to call you later, or ask for their home address – so you can visit them in person. This tactic will probably cause the representative to “lose” your name and phone number – at least until someone else at the agency has to take over.

Hopefully, you got a laugh over some of the creative – but harmless ways – you can turn the tables on a collection agency that won’t leave you alone. If you ever find yourself in this situation, but still can’t bring yourself to do something like this, just imagining how they’d be caught off guard, might be enough to lighten your load anyway.

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