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That Sinking Feeling is Called Debt

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

There seems to be two constants in this modern, American life: debt and more debt. As billions are paid out to the wealthiest few, we in the middle and below continue our constant struggle for some kind of equilibrium, some kind of balance. We are hopeful to just make ends meet, to have too many bills outstanding, to have one less financial ball to juggle every month. The dream of America, now, is nothing more than just getting by.

Creeping gingerly to the mailbox or avoiding the persistent phones calls takes it toll on a persons self of well-being and happiness. The tools of dread and control are no longer the lash and the truncheon, but the mailbox and the telephone. There is no happiness in a world where you are being pursued. There is no rest for the weary, and less still for those who work hard, despite making bad decisions.

There is a way to tip the scales towards some kind of balance. Consumer credit advising is for people whose finances have deteriorated beyond their ability to manage them. Far more than a counseling service, this is an advising program, designed to help you get control of your debts. Working with the companies with whom you owe money, consumer credit advising can help you meet your monthly payments.

It begins with an appointment. During this appointment you and your adviser will look at your financial records, taking stock of your wages, your expenses and your debts. Together you will decide where you can cut expenses and draw up a monthly budget plan. If your ability to manage your debts alone is in question, consumer credit advising may lead to enrollment in a debt management program.

A debt management program typically entails scheduling a manageable monthly payment. Your adviser then acts as a go-between for you and your creditors. The target is to get late payment fees reduced or forgiven, the length of your loans extended and your interest rates reduced. The consumer credit advising service pays your creditors through your monthly payments. By means of consumer credit advising and a viable debt management program, the days of your servitude are numbered.

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