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The 6 Dirty Secrets About Debt Consolidation The Banks Dont Want You To Know.

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

The myths spread faster than the trues, that is why I am going to explain some of the most common myths in the credit repair area, one of the biggest myths is that you need a professional agency to manage your debt problems, this agencies can help you nevertheless they charge big fees for something you can handle yourself pretty well.

Myth 1: I can’t do it by myself, professionals needs to handle this situation.

We need help once in a while why not, but credit repair and debt consolidation is not one of those areas, it is an area where you can do it by yourself. Back in the days when I saw my credit report for first time I saw some “bad marks” on it (you know some late payments and stuff) I start freaking out and remember to think “there is no way I can do this by myself I will need some professional help” nevertheless I did it myself how? easy I got educated that is the key. And now you are going to get the best education possible on this subject, about how to consolidate your debt, repair your credit, maintain your credit score etc… while I was studying my credit report I realize about some big mistakes by either the creditor, the credit bureau and even both!!. This were not mine at all, I found several mistakes in multiple accounts and making some research turns out that anywhere from 75% to 90% of the credit reports contain errors.

Myth 2: You Can’t Fix Bad Credit

Wrong. Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean that you can’t repair it. It may take longer to fix, but it is repairable. There are many fast ways to restore your credit, build positive lines of credit, and get yourself back on the right track to good credit. If you think a 520 is bad-it is. I was turned down by every credit card I applied for. I even got denied at Banana Republic in front of 20 people at Christmas time. Yeah, no fun If I can do it, then so can you. It’s a matter of becoming educated and this videos will show you how to get your credit back.

Myth 3: One credit Score is all you have.

The reality is that you have 3 credit scores, there are from the major credit reporting agencies, all 3 show different scores, so when applying for a credit one company may use a different report than others, it is always good to check your credit score in the 3 bureaus, because they can vary a lot among them.

Myth 4: Your score will decrease if you check it.

There are two types of inquiries that will appear on your credit report: hard and soft inquiries. Hard inquiries are from companies you wish to get credit from. These will affect your credit score. Soft inquiries are usually when you check your credit report online or from companies obtaining your information for promotional purposes. Soft inquiries don’t affect your score.

Myth 5: If you are shopping around for a Loan your score will be lower.

Another very common myth, if you are looking for a credit (mortgage, car loan, home loan) from several vendors, this inquiries will appear on your credit report just once, nevertheless this only applies if the same kind of inquiries are made within 14 days of each other. Just remember that this does not apply for credit cards.

Myth 6: The Only Way To Improve My Score Is To Remove All Negative Items

This is a partial true, because as a matter of fact erasing your bad marks is just one part of the whole solution, what will boost your credit score is building “positive credit”. Can you still remember those days were you were turned down from a credit card company because you did not have credit? actually what they were trying to say is that you did not have build a “positive credit” with credit card companies.

“How to reduce your credit card interest rate with one simple phone call” this is a free advice

Here is this little sweet trick: Get your telephone, dial your credit card company number and ask them to drop your interest rate! is that simple!, just tell them that you have in front of you a credit card with a lower interest rate, may be they are offering you a zero percent rate for the first 6 months and after that period they will charge you 8%, tell them that you are thinking to transfer your entire balance to this new company if they dont decrease your interest rate, chances are that you will get a better interest rate that the one you have right now, be extremely kind with the operator, but if you cant get a deal ask to talk to the supervisor, remember that the key part is to treat them to leave.

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