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The Extent Of Your Financial Problems

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

We are part of a very fast changing world and this is making it very difficult to keep a record of all our expenses. Most of the people have no clue how to save money with the ever increasing expenses and the remaining do not know what to do with the money they save. Everything you do is going to cost you in some way.

It is crucial to find out what you are worth. Someday, you might need money for a rainy day; and you may realize that it would have been great if you had a savings account somewhere. The first step to gauge where you stand financially is to understand that you are worth nothing, while the things you own are your assets.

To understand where you stand financially, you need to find out the total worth of your assets and subtract all the expenses from it. All assets including your house, car, monthly income, trust funds and everything that can be sold for money is your asset.

The second step is to find out your total expenses. Sweets bought from the roadside stall, school fee, electricity and gas bills, shopping, groceries, and basically anything for which money leaves your wallet is an expense.

The ideal scenario would be when you have more assets as compared to the expenses. Now do not be scared if your expenses add up to an obscene amount and your assets are nowhere near it. You probably forgot to add gifts given to you by your parents or friends in the list of assets. It could be the car that you have been driving since you were sixteen along with petrol and other car expenses.

It takes a long while to note all your expenses for the first time and the best way to do it is to maintain financial books and update them regularly. Doing this will help you know how you spend your income and what are the biggest expenses you pay for. Most of the time, people are spending more than they are earning. The gap between the income and expenses in these cases is mostly covered by loans. This is a very dangerous thing to do. Taking a loan means that, instead of saving, you are about to spend something that is not yours and cannot be covered through your income. The only way to fix this kind of situation is to try and reduce your daily expenses, and save money which can be used to pay back the loans. There is a very high chance that you will start cut backs and go a bit overboard, get frustrated by the resulting situation and give up on the whole idea. The best solution in these circumstances is to start budgeting. The plan is to commit yourself to a fixed amount to spend every day, month or year, depending upon the nature of the budget. Monthly budgets are the most effective way to get out of bad financial situations.

Majority of the people end up spending more as compared to what they earn. Reasons for this behavior might be different, but the standard way to make it work is through a loan. Nothing hurts your financial situation more than a loan, because now you are ready to spend the money that belongs to someone else, money that your income cannot cover. You can obviously not save anything if you have taken a loan. So. to get out of this situation, you need to cut down on your regular expenses, and pay back the loan through the money you save. Once you start the cut backs, you will normally end up going to the extreme, and after getting annoyed by the whole situation, give up the idea completely. The only way to make it work is through budgets. Budgeting means that you are setting daily, monthly or yearly quotas for yourself, most practical would be a monthly budget that you strictly follow. This way you can prioritize your expenses and discard the unnecessary ones. The money you save can be invested. Doing all this will help you take control of your financial situation in a better way.

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