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The Reason For Homeowner Loans And Remortgages

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

A homeowner loans, which is also commonly called a secured loan, and a remortgage are both among the group of loans known as home loans.

They are considered as being in this group, as both remortgages and secured loans are connected to property in some form or the other.

The first loan in this group of home loans , is the loan needed to buy a property and this is called a mortgage.

What a remortgage in fact is, is when a new mortgage is arranged with a different mortgage provider, that is the changing from a current mortgage lender to a different mortgage provider for several different reasons.

Homeowners are on average tied into a mortgage deal for twenty four months, although twelve month deals are not un common while even longer tie in periods of even up to ten years also exist, and at the end of the tie in time many mortgage borrowers find out about changing their mortgage lender.

The most common reason for wanting to remortgage is to obtain a better rate of interest and as rates really do vary a great deal between one lender and another, meaning that it is very possible that a remortgage will grant a better rate for homeowners and a lower rate of interest is often achievable.

Rates are at present available currently on tracker remortgages from 1.84% for those at a maximum LTV of 60% but even at 70% LTV a remortgage is available from 1.99%

For those who much prefer fixed rate remortgages, as they want to know the payment for the immediate future these remortgages are readily available from only 2.99% and it may well be a sensible course of action to consider a low fixed rate now, as it is unlikely that this rate will ever become any lower as they are already at an almost all time low .

The desire and need to save money is one of the most important and main reasons for wanting to take out a remortgage but this is certainly not the only reason, as a remortgage can be used to fund just about anything , and it is not the only home loan that has this ability to be used for a multitude of purposes, as secured homeowner loans have the same uses as do remortgages.

Homeowner loans are also commonly called secured loans and for the obvious reason that they are secured on property and they can also be used for all the same purposes as a remortgage. Some examples are for buying a car or even to buy a second property at home or abroad.

Just like remortgages, homeowner loans can be used to fund just about anything you can ever want or need from home improvements, to paying for school fees or just about anything, including paying for the wedding that you have been dreaming about since you were a child looking at photos of beautiful brides in magazines or a cruise or any other holiday.

Always consider a low rate secured loan or a remortgage if your are a homeowner wanting to raise funds.

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