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Automated Trading System – Is It Possible?

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

The fast development in online trading has made you don’t need to maintain your trades and do all the analysis by yourself to be a successful trader. No, I’m not talking about handling your money to a broker; I’m talking about an automated trading system.

If you have experienced forex trading or at least know about online trading, you must have heard about it. Basically, it will do the analysis for you, decide the hot market to enter, make entry and exit on its own. The process doesn’t have to be fully automatic; you can set it so it asks for your permission first before enters a market or you can use the semi automatic like forex trading signals.

Is it really doable? Isn’t the market movement is a mystery for everyone and no one can ever know where it is going? Yes, it is true. But here is a news for you: all successful traders own a profitable system that always generates profits for him every month. I’m not talking about a system that gives you 100% profit for each entry it makes, but at the end of the month when you count your profit and loss, it ALWAYS gives you adequate profits.

Is there a possibility to break a system that works into a set of rules and parameters so a robot can execute it? Yes; when the robot programmer and the system maker working together, it is possible to create an automated trading system. It will save you from countless hours staring at the monitor while “nursing” your trades only to find that greed, anxiety, and fear screw it up at the last moment. You must realize that even with a system that works, a common trader who can’t control his emotion will lose to a robot in discipline field.

I’m sure you have a better picture about automated trading system; here are some of the benefits:

1. Like stated above, it is an emotionless being, so it will follow the system to the tiniest details without fails. If your system works, you literally just sit back and wait the money roll in. There are products that put the robot and the system which make it easier for the trader.

2. Working 24/5 for you on every market you choose. If you let it work by its will, it can decide which market is offer the most profits and the right time to enter. At the same time, with a good algorithm, it will study various currency pairs and how to create the most profits from them.

3. A creator that believe in his system will include 100% money back guarantee for a certain period. Use this for your advantage by apply it in a dummy account. If by the end of guarantee period it does not produce good result, you can always ask your money back.

4. You simply install it and leave it. You can say that it will finish your job while you can do anything else.

There are a bunch of programmers who can create a robot that can enter the market and waste your money. What is important here is the system that rules the robot; if it is a profitable system, the robot just has to follow the instructions and you get an automated trading system that work.

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