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For Seek And Scalp Profits Test Forex Trading Robots Yourself

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Forex trading robots are programmed to seek and scalp small profits during day trading. This done on a long term basis is able to grown some considerable profits. Day trading in forex is not a huge challenge. Millions of traders are doing the same things at the same time of day, and a robot can look at these trends to build income in a relatively risk free manner. What may be a challenge is finding the right robot product.

The trading systems, goals and aims used by different traders are to a degree very predictable. Day trading can be a challenge because of the fact that it is so predictable. However there are factors such as support and resistance levels and volatility in short time frames which come into play. Because of these if a robot does not perform, it could mean losses for the trader.

There are a large variety of day trading robots available for purchase, and day trading can be good in terms of small regular profits. However, these robots come with simulated back tested track records and the only way to know how they really perform is by testing them in real time with real information. Doing this is called a “forward test” rather than a “back test”. If you see what I mean!

Certain factors have to be taken into consideration when applying a forward test to a robot to see if it performs on a brokers margin account in changing market circumstances. It must be able to offer more win trades than losing trades on a consistent basis. It also has to show money management skills on the margin account and protect the equity in the account as well as not allow large draw-downs.

The ideal circumstances for testing a forex trading robot is during the same market conditions. The capital deposit amount also has to be identical. Only in this way will you receive a true comparison of forex robot products. While traders are able to cash in on day trading, others believe this should be left for the long term. However if you are keen to try a robot product, then by all means do so, just be sure to test it yourself through a forward test.

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