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Forex Day Trading In Currency JPY

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

EUR JPY pair is major pair traded on forex market. Yet in period of tiny or no economic news in Europe and Japan, the EUR JPY currency pair still attracts great number of traders.

Europe monetary state both actual and perceived has a vast influence on EUR pairs particularly in EUR JPY pair. Since EUR has a number of European countries in the EUR, anytime there is news both fine and awful the EUR is affected. In the case wherever Greece has a trouble in obtaining loans, the EUR JPY currency pair dropped sharply. It was only while the news reported the problem to be partly fixed did the EUR JPY pair trend stabilised.

Japan economy has been very much dissimilar to European, United States and Australian economies. Japanese economy affects the perceived price of Yen and therefore affects the price of all YEN currency pair. Japanese economy seems to be lagging behind European and US economies and sometimes it is in front. Of the late it was almost not possible to find the JPY economy to be in the same trend as EUR.

Size of Japanese market is also significant. When US has a recession, the Japanese imports drop. This leads to Yen taking a dive on the forex markets. Still there is no obvious correlation between Japan economy and price of Yen. Basics of Japan economy do not necessarily translate in price of Yen. Quite often Yen price is driven by traders expecting movement which may not be justified. This artificial type trend can be stronger than underlying reality of the economy.

Having sound knowledge of fundamentals of countries who’s economy the trader is concerned in as well as short term trend yields a sound basis to make a good decision of how to trade these currency pairs.

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