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Forex Option Trading to Diversify Your Forex Trading

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Forex option trading is a financial instrument, which serves for both, hedging and speculating. In the past, only the large financial institutions used to use Forex option trading for hedging. However, nowadays this type of trading is also available for individual Forex traders. Just like any other type of trading, option trading has advantages and disadvantages. For example, this financial tool is very liquid and at the same time naturally very risky. Forex option buyers are called holders, and option sellers are called granters.

Forex options grant the owner the right (not obligation) to exchange a particular amount of one currency into another currency on a particular date and at a pre-agreed rate. Forex option trading is known for incurring only a limited liability. The buyer only has one obligation – to pay a premium to the seller prior to the purchasing of the foreign currency option. The seller can either buy the contract back before it expires, or to hold the contract until its expiration.

When you buy a Forex option, you are opting for a fixed price of the transaction. Forex options have a fixed amount with a fixed expiration date, rather than being tied to the markets’ fluctuations.

Do Forex options always get exercised? As a matter of fact, most of the time the options are not exercised by their purchaser with the Forex option trading; options are often offset until they expire. If the option gets exercised, a spot position is assigned to the option holder. There also is a threat of an option expiring worthless, if at the expiration time the strike price is lower than the purchase price.

As mentioned before, options in Forex option trading have a fixed price. This special feature shields you from losing all of your capital with a particularly unfavorable market move. You will profit when the strike price is higher than your initial purchase price, and you will incur a loss when its lower.

Forex option trading can only be applied on the international markets, since it’s a hedging instrument. Forex option trading is generally considered very risky, but also with higher potential of profits.

Call options grant their owners the right to buy the currency. Put options grant their owners the right to sell the currency. Both call and put Forex option prices are predominantly influenced by volatility. Increasing volatility results in both call and put options to grow in price. There are two types of put and call option contracts in Forex option trading. Common (plain) options are called “plain vanilla” options and customized ones are called “exotic” options.

Are there any ways to make your Forex option trading less risky? Yes, for that try to follow the below general guidelines:

1. Forex option trading should only involve a very small part of your capital.

2. Do not try to trade at all times. It is better to patiently wait for the proven signals.

3. Try your Forex option trading first on a demo account, in order to gain a valuable practical experience without risking any money.

Forex option trading is a good way to learn and understand more about the Forex market. Forex option trading is a risky but also potentially very profitable Forex trading instrument.

Author Steve Maenshel can you help you understand forex option trading.

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