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Blackberry–China Mobile Lift OPhone Veil, All the Companies Swarm to Put Force

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

A kind of power, which can change the development process of smart phones and mobile Internet industry, is intervening in China’s 3G market — Following China Mobile have official introduced OPhone smart phone operating system platform in Beijing last month, which is its leading R & D, the Shanghai branch of China Mobile firstly launched and promoted the OPhone terminal yesterday.

Including Lenovo, Dopod, LG and Dell and a number of phones will go on sale by Shanghai Mobile. Shanghai Mobile will return the mobile charge with maximum of 1,800 yuan, which is worth of 300 yuan data services, for the OPhone consumers,.

OPhone isthecollectively called for the open mobile phone operating system customized phone, which is researched and developed by China Mobile, it has became the smart phone operating system platform ,which is the world’s first operator leading the research and development and Internet-oriented, reflects China Mobile’s latest industry chain of strategic thinking for the era of 3G.

The front and back of OPhone will collect China Mobile, domestic and foreign mobile phone giants, software developers, content providers, channel distributors, and even individual programmers’ “swarm together” type of development. The localization ability, rich applications convergence, and the advantage of integration of industrial chain, will provide China Mobile with OPhone (Wholesale cell phone covers) “explosive force.”

China Mobile has also been recognized that the business model philosophy in the era of mobile Internet: if it wants to grasp the entrance tighter, it needs a more open model.

From the design of the hardware manufacturing base, due to the change that China Mobile has done on Google’s ANDROID operating system, it introduces the OMS system, so each manufacturer can launch their mobile phone business on the platform.

 “iPhone (cell phone cases wholesale ) is only produced by Apple, while OPhone can produced by multiple vendors.” The responsible person of Shanghai Mobile said that not only China’s Lenovo and other manufacturers, but also the international Motorola, Dell, LG and other manufacturers will launch OPhone (cell phone cases wholesale ) phones, the choosing space for hardware frame is huge. Moreover, China Mobile and these companies have the basis of a long-term cooperation.

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