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“Signal gate” forced to drop iPhone4 offer and updated phones

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

In the mobile market this week, few depreciate models appear, each big brand is almost “holding” price without much volatility. The only bright spot the iPhone4 is apple officially land absolutely no lock version by mobile phone market, “signal gate” events, the absolutely iPhone4, but prices have plunged somewhat high now, this machine has made people prohibitive 16G no lock 13300 Yuan, sold 32G version sold $15500 without lock version. Although iPhone4 wear demeo signal can be resolved problem, but according to apple weakened, officials said the number of protection to insufficient, users now still need to apply and wait for a period of time, so the trouble move believe only the frenzy of powder, can endure in the outside looking in, it seems a bit “ridiculous”. And according to apple plan, at the end of the second batch of products sold worldwide, Hong Kong parts of among them, iPhone4 long-expected friend might as well keep calm, wait some time to see the iPhone4 GangBan price is more attractive! And we also hope that apple can issued more positive solutions to signal problems, but not just wear “set”.
Nokia, the mobile phone advocate dozen low-end market music this week had the X3 $101, the latest price drop for 999 Yuan, the breakthrough 1000 Yuan mark. SONY Ericsson, price, this week clamps its X1 continue to fall 270 Yuan, quotations for 1980 Yuan arcade into. Clamps its X1 once for SONY Ericsson, and then after a myth of X2, and in the X10 based on clamps its X1 upgrade clamps its X1 is, no doubt, SONY Ericsson’s hero (cell phone accessories wholesale ). Now the 2K Yuan RMB below, the price is also greatly improved, but because listed already for a long time, consumers clamps its X1 wary refurbished machine.
HTC Wildfire, HTC has 150 Yuan this week by the big business, it is the smaller version, but configuration also calculates inflow in performance, and very well. Now sells for $1980. And this week a new handsets HTC (phone accessories wholesale), HTC arrival – from the name see Hero200 we can see it with Google system peak of Hero has countless relation, it actually CDMA version, Hero only support China’s telecom CDMA network. Hero200 adopted 500 million pixels 528MHz processor, camera, tie-in 512MB ROM and RAM 288MB Sense, new user interface, support more touching, performance outfights them! Detailed offer please refer to the detailed situation price list, and wants to know the future of the price change hands every friend please stay focused on the mobile phone quotation sheet published Friday update the summary. (From: Wholesale cell phone covers)

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