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Half Angel half Devil

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Food and Drug Administration Chief of the circulation section of Sun Yanyan, Dongguan city, said: “special drug methadone as a type of anesthesia, if legal channels, it’s drugs, but once into countries outside of the control channels, that it was drugs.” And taking other drugs, like taking methadone produces euphoria and addiction. Once the abuse, harm is generated is similar to other drugs. Methadone is also a drug addict Chase object, “it must be strictly managed, so as to avoid wastage of drugs”.

Food and drug administration, Chief of the safety supervision section said Liang Shaoqiang, today only a unit of Guangdong Province as a whole distribution of methadone, and can only deliver to methadone maintenance treatment clinics and methadone are required for medical institutions. “The entire distribution process is very strict, by the delivery unit with armed police escort car hand, receive account management unit counters. “Liang Shaoqiang said,” such as sending to the city after the methadone clinic, the methadone every move will be carefully monitored for 24 hours. Management of anaesthetic special drugs each year is our most important work of drug administration, not in the least negligent. ”

Food and drug administration, said Dongguan medical institutions use methadone only community methadone maintenance treatment clinics, and in other medical institutions is instead of methadone with other drugs. It is understood that the Dongguan there are three communities of methadone maintenance treatment clinics, located on South American communities, houjie shaxi and Chang Ping Su hang communities. In these clinics, methadone is closely managed to prevent them from flowing into the black market?

25th South journalists came to the hospital, located in the South of the new Chung Yuan community methadone maintenance treatment. Just into the door and saw the surveillance cameras is installed every corner (spy pen camera), its monitoring screen rendering on the display of the instant clinic security room. The treatment of some official told reporters, the camera is connected to a police video surveillance network, apart from here can see the screen, also delivered to the public security organs, monitored by hand. Distribution to methadone clinics of methadone oral solution by armed police escort, warehouse staff 3 people 3 lock management, and equipped with infrared monitor and 110 alarm system and safe storage of methadone must be 3 3 people get together to open the key, “this safe is under 24 hour camera monitoring (hidden camera spy)”.from: hidden spy cameras for home

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