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Know The Facts About After Hour Trading

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

Online trading provides us the option of after hour trading. This enables us to buy and sell shares after the market closes at our own convenience. So you can look at the market trends of the day, see the performance of the market in different parts of the world and at night make a more informed decision away from work and personal stress.

The market generally closes at around 4: pm EST. But when trading after hours certain things should be kept in mind such as the opening and the closing price of the stock. Because in actual reality through the market closes for public at around 4:OO PM, it never closes in operations because there are other world markets that are affective and there are political and other events taking place in different parts of the world when Americans go to sleep.

The different events taking place around the world has the impact on the American market. You may buy a share for $2 but when the market opens in the early morning its price may have changed.

There is a way to keep a price range within which your after hour orders should be executed. If the price of a certain stock goes beyond your range then your order would be cancelled. This can be done through limit ordering.

Another meaning of after hour trading is some small exchanges with stretched hours. They are open than the normal 4:00 Pm exchanging timing to allow investors take benefit of extended hour trading.

But these small exchanges may be more risky than the normal exchange market with greater price change and volatility. They are for specialized traders who know the in and out of the market. They are complex and not easy to understand for normal investors. So if you?re a newbie then either stay a way from these or learn all you can before attempting this kind of trading.

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