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Millionaire Traders-Ordinary People Beating Wall Street

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Many people have the habit of jumping from one bandwagon to another. Forex Trading is one such band wagon that many people try, fail and then give up. Almost something like 90% fail fail in forex trading.

Trading is a serious business. Only a few become sucessful traders who make a living out of trading.

Yet, still daily millions of ordinary people around the globe wake up, turn on their computers and try to make a living trading the financial markets online.

But this should not deter you or discourage you. What ever, you do in life, there is always a risk of failure. Take love, many people end up breaking their hearts. Start anyother business, the ratio of success is almost the same as that of forex trading, not more than 90%.

New restaurants open on daily basis; some succeed, and most fail. Still the possibility of making it big never stops people from starting new business ventures.

Starting a new business is not easy. Success requires determination and hard work.

Have you heard about Kathy Lien. She is highly respected professional forex trader who has authored many books on forex trading and day trading strategies. In her book, “Millionaire Traders, Ordinary People Beating The Wall Street,” she interviews 12 ordinary but remarkable people who started from scratch and became millionaires.

Meeting these 12 amazing people is going to inspire you to follow their foot steps, believe me! You will like their stories full of determination to succeed and beat the market. One person stands out, Hoosain Harneker. His case is interesting. He loses everything in a failed business venture. He ends up in debt and has no clue what to do.

He asks one of his far off friend via email for his advice as to how to come out of adversity. His friend advice learn forex trading and start making money. Now, they are talking via email as his friend lives in another country. His friend emails him his forex trading system based on simple moving averages.

He had no clue what to do. He asked one friend for advice who told him to learn forex trading. Now interestingly, his friend lived in another country and they were in contact with each other only on email. So his friend emailed him the forex trading system that he used daily to make a successful living from trading currencies.

Hoosain had one problem. After having lost all his money and savings in a lost business venture, he was not in a position to cough up even a few hundred dollars to open a forex trading account with a forex broker.

His wife is worried that he will start losing money soon. He promises her that if he loses this $1000, he will give up forex trading. He succeeds and in a few years makes his first million dollars. Now, all these 12 people who have been interviewed by Kathy Lien are remarkable.

Hoosain’s wife was anxious that he would lose his money. Hoosain knew this so he promised her that if would quit forex trading if he lost those $1000. Interestingly, all the 12 people who have been interviewed in this book blew up their account in the first month of their live trading but not Hoosain.

You too can become a millionaire, if you follow their footsteps with determination. Don’t give up!

Forex trading needs a lot of discipline and determination. Just like any other skill in life learning forex trading requires a lot of determination and discipline. But with effort and determination, you can become a millionaire too!

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