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Revelations Announces The RevMat All Weather Doormat that Melts Snow and Presents Innovative Features for All Weather Conditions

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

(1888PressRelease)Revelations Products has released a new and innovative doormat (and stair tread) that enhances personal safety. With recent extreme and less predictable global weather patterns, winter season in North America has resulted in extended and unexpected levels of snow fall in many regions. The RevMat doormat, by Revelations, enhances safety for homes and families through its many functional features.

Revelations Products announces the release of its latest innovative product line. The new line, RevMat, is a truly functional doormat and stair tread collection. It is designed to perform tasks that include melting snow in winter time, removing debris such as leaves and mud from shoes in spring time, and rapid drying after rainfall in summer time. By using the RevMat, homeowners can ensure a safe path leading from a distance away in the snow to their entrance doors. Dirt removing nubs keep debris transported by shoes outside the home.

The RevMat was recently introduced in the United States as an insightful invention that provides relief from the impact of a prolonged winter season. The RevMat product line includes a collection of doormats and stair treads that allow households to deal with the challenges presented by snow storms. With snow storms come safety concerns, especially for children and the elderly. The innovative RevMat uses a unique design to prevent snow build up while offering added features that include anti-slip, debris removal, and water channeling. This makes them suitable for year round usage.

The mats are made from durable recycled rubber and are priced comparably to standard welcome doormats. Additional details are available at the manufacturer’s website, http://www.revelationsproducts.com

About Revelations Products
Revelations Products is a research and development company committed to bringing innovative products into the marketplace. The company’s solutions to common household problems are unique, practical, and always cost effective. Other products by Revelations include ICS Beverage Chillers, devices that rapidly chill drinks in cups or wine glasses without diluting the beverage. These Chillers save households freezer space due to their efficient design.


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