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Testing Forex Trading Robots For Seek And Scalp Profits

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

It is a simple task to work out what millions of foreign exchange traders are doing en masse during certain hours of the day. So there is not a great deal of challenge to forex day trading. This is where forex trading robots come into play. They are programmed to regularly seek and scalp small profits. This is able to build up a large income over time, with very little risk.

All traders have different skills, aims and trading systems in place, as soon as you understand this you will be able to see how predictable they are. It is a little bit of a challenge to undertake this yourself however, because of the randomness of volatility in short time frames. Support and resistance levels are therefore not valid and using a robot could mean losses to the trader.

There are a large variety of day trading robots available for purchase, and day trading can be good in terms of small regular profits. However, these robots come with simulated back tested track records and the only way to know how they really perform is by testing them in real time with real information. Doing this is called a “forward test” rather than a “back test”. If you see what I mean!

Testing a forex robot in this way is called a “forward test” as apposed to a “back test”. It has to be able to adapt to changing market circumstances while performing on a broker account. The test should reveal that the robot shows consistent trades, meaning more winning trades. And most vital of all is money management, the robot has to be able to protect the account equity without allowing any large draw-downs.

Ideally forex trading robots should be tested while the market conditions are exactly the same, or at least similar. The capital deposit in the margin account must be the same and more than one product should be compared during these conditions. Some traders believe you should stay away from day trading, while others believe it.

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