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Trading And Banking Made Easier

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

Banking in this millennium has found a new meaning with mobile banking coming up front. Mobile banking eliminates the need for using paper bills and banking statements. This development has started a slow shift towards a greener lifestyle as less of paper is being utilized for all the related transactions.

Mobile Banking which is also known as M-Banking or SMS banking is a term used for services which enables balance checks, transactions related to your account, different types of payments etc, via a mobile phone. Mobile banking is mainly performed through SMSs or Internet services any mobile device. Mobile Banking sometimes uses special programs downloaded to the mobile device.

With the popularity of Internet, which has enabled new ways like online banking and online brokers, we see that these methods are growing and are including a large percentage of the entire banking business industry. Banks are now able to offer a variety of services such as funds transfer while travelling, receiving stock updates, also gives the liberty to perform stock trading from the comfort of your homes, coffee houses or any other place.

The newly introduced Smartphones and 3G connectivity provides some facilities that older text message-only mobile phones could not provide. Phones like Blackberry Curve 8900, Storm 9500, iPhone, Bold 9000 and more have these internet facilities.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Trading is not just helpful for an individual who is travelling most of the time, but it also gives him the freedom to access and analyze at DailyFX. This can be found on many sites present on the internet. At these sites you can access videos to see how to use and go about Mobile Banking and Mobile Trading.

Another term used for buying and selling of services and goods using a mobile phone is called ‘Mobile Commerce’ or M-Commerce. This is a branch of Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce which is conducted over internet enabled wireless devices. Mobile Commerce is widely used to conduct promotional and financial activities over mobile phones and is widely spreading to all the banking institutes around the globe.

Mobile Banking services are offered by various banks, one of which is Reliance Money which is one of the leading companies of the Reliance Group. Those who hold an account in Reliance Money in any city of the country can make use of this facility.

Be it Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking or Mobile Trading, as we know that all these are related, we can conclude that they provide related kinds of advantages. It is now beneficial for both the consumers and service providers. Consumers all around the country can conduct any kind of transactions from cities to remote locations as well, using their mobile devices.

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