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Treasure Hunters Roadshow Introduces New Gold Party Business Opportunity!

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

(1888PressRelease) As a Gold Party Buyer you will be an independent representative with THR and Associates and Treasure Hunters Roadshow. You will be paid weekly based on the amount of gold you have purchased at your home gold party events, along with sterling and 90 percent silver coins.

Springfield, IL – Treasure Hunters Roadshow and THR and Associates the leaders in gold party events nationwide is now offering a new program to allow consumers and individuals the ability to become a Treasure Hunters Roadshow Gold Party Representative.

Do you want to join the BEST Home Party Plan ever? Be part of an exciting new concept within THR and Associates and earn more money than you can imagine. Be your own boss, set your own hours and live the dream!

As a Gold Party Buyer you will be an independent representative with THR & Associates. You will be paid weekly based on the amount of gold you have purchased, along with sterling and 90 percent silver coins.

You book your shows so you set the hours. Each party should have a minimum of 6 selling guests, preferably over 10 at each show. Remember, this is your business so you want a good show.

Book your shows, analyze the gold, sort it, write a check and recruit others to become part of the team. It’s that simple. You will be given all necessary equipment to help you be successful.

Once you have reached your minimum monthly requirements in gold as set by THR & Associates, you will quickly move up through the ranks to the next level. With each level you reach, the amount of money you make will increase. The ranks are based on consistently meeting your monthly minimum of gold purchases and your ability to grow your team and keeping them at their monthly minimums.

The pay structure is based on the levels you reach. You will have the opportunity to make a minimum of $1,400 per month to well over $300,000 per month. Keep in mind this is based on your ability to work hard at your job, keep your minimums consistent, recruit new team members at every turn and to keep them motivated to reach their minimums.

There is no “buy in” with THR and Associates like other companies. We do however require that you meet your monthly obligations to us. We understand that life happens and will give a 30 day grace period should you have an off month once reaching a certain level.

THR and Associates will also provide all marketing materials to help make you a success. We are growing and very forward thinking and will also look closely at any ideas that you may have to help grow your business. We are here to help you!

SO, are you ready to take that next step? Fill out that online form today. It is the first step to the rest of your life!




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