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5 Things To Be Done In The Wake Of A Car Accident

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

It’s highly likely we’ll all be involved in some sort of car accident at one point or another in our lives. It could be something minor or it could be a major accident. Regardless of how it happens and if it’s your fault or theirs, there are a few critical steps you should follow. Before getting your Long Island auto insurance provider on the line, you should take care of these steps first:

1. Make Sure You’re Not Injured – make sure to check yourself out before you help any passengers you have with you, even children. You won’t be helping the friends and loved ones you’re trying to assist if you pass out from blood loss before you can even call the ambulance. Make sure your injuries aren’t life-threatening, then move on to someone who’s injured worse than you. Call the paramedics if anyone is badly hurt.

2. Determine if Anything is a Fire Risk – if you slammed into something in front of you, check and see if the engine is pouring out smoke or fire. This might not be so obvious if you were rear-ended and flames are licking at the gas tank under the car. Once you’ve learned the status of everyone in the vehicle you should determine if it’s safe for them to stay in the vehicle or if they should be evacuated. If fire or smoke is detected, evacuate the vehicle immediately, taking extra care with anyone with broken bones.

3. Repeat with Other Parties Involved – once everyone with you has been safely evacuated from the scene you should see if anyone else needs help. If anyone does need help, only assist them if they give you permission. God forbid they end up getting hurt while you evacuate them and then they stick you with the blame. After you’ve received permission or you see they are incapacitated assist them however you can, then let them know help is on the way once they rouse.

4. Exchange Insurance Information – as soon as you can, exchange Massapequa insurance information and phone numbers with the driver of the other vehicle. This sharing of information will help your respective insurance companies sort everything out on the back-end, resulting in a faster claims process.

5. Take Photographs – once the first four steps are completed you’ll likely still be waiting for help to arrive. If you have the chance, take this time to snap some photos of your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, and the scene in general. Any injuries you or your loved ones have suffered should be photographed if safe to do so. This will be of tremendous help to your insurance company.

By following these steps you will help to insure you and your passengers’ well-being, as well as making it easier for the first responders and the insurance companies involved. Your proper conduct can only help matters for you and your Long Island car insurance provider.

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