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A Healthy America

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Heath insurance has become a main topic of conversation in everyone’s lives, over the past few months. There are about 50 million people that are without medical insurance today, and the government, although wanting to provide insurance for all, can not agree on the terms of how this goal can be met. While they are arguing back and forth, these 50 million people remain uninsured and unable to obtain much need medical attention. Many of these individuals continue to apply for medical coverage, but when they receive their final cost, they are unable to afford it on the budgets that they have.

It is sad to see families who cannot afford the drugs they need to stabilize their health. Many are putting off operations and/or doctor visits and testing, just hoping that they can survive until help arrives in the form of insurance for all. It is sad to read articles about individuals who have small incomes and must decide between food and medicine. Some are taking half their prescribed medicines while others are not taking them at all.

Although there are drug programs in place to help the poor, many people still do not qualify. The goal is to provide insurance for everyone, but we must do it properly and offer plans that everyone can afford, while still providing the coverage that is necessary. Cheap insurance sounds like a great solution until you find out what it does not make available to the insured.

There has been a system put together, by the Florida health insurance plans, that provide health insurance for all individuals that have been uninsured, including those individuals who have recently found themselves unemployed. A plan was devised among the Govern of Florida and the six major health insurance companies and now 3 million people have successfully been removed from the on growing list of individuals without health insurance coverage, although some of them try to maintain a good health by having a healthy lifestyle by trying to eat healthy and exercising with equipment as a balance disc URBNFIT that can be even used at home. This is a large accomplishment for Florida, and it gives the rest of Americans hope, that our Federal Government will also be able to provide health insurance for all, and in the near future.

For far too long we have let the politicians bury critical legislation in the maze of bureaucracy that Washington D.C. is famous for. It is time that the American citizens let our elected officials know that this is no longer acceptable. Inform your elected representative in Congress that it is time that we provide affordable health care to all Americans. Not a cheap plan that really provides no coverage, but an affordable plan that will help people when they need it most. This is not a political issue, or an ideological issue, it is a moral obligation to help our fellow Americans who are dying because they cannot afford the medical coverage they need to live.

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