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Advice For Finding Health Insurance When You Are Unemployed

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Unemployment is at an all time high and while many unemployed individuals are collecting unemployment, lack of employment causes more problems for people than just the loss of money. Most people who are unemployed lose not only their paychecks but their health insurance benefits. There are several things that you need to know if you or someone you know has recently become unemployed.

Upon becoming unemployed you must be offered COBRA from your current employer. It is a plan that allows you to continue your health insurance plan but you must pay all the premiums to do so. If you can’t afford it, however, there is a program through the federal government that can provide you with money to help you pay these premiums. You can obtain more information about this COBRA supplement from your local unemployment office or by looking online at the government’s website.

Just because you are offered COBRA, do not assume that you have to take this coverage. May be in your best interest to shop around for health insurance and to find out if someone in your family is eligible for health care options of the government. Also, if you have a spouse or family member Another is a current employee may be able to cover you on their policy until you are able to get a new job and more benefits of health insurance.

It is also important to see if you can for the government to consider supporting other forms in all the programs income, as this your family will help to maintain the float, and are used to supplement lost income. If you are a community organization or company, you may want to see you through the closing of other organizations, group health insurance, because it can help you save some money, buy these high personal plans. All you can do to help you save a few dollars will help you and your family financial situation.

Unemployment can be a difficult situation to deal with and one that can be even more frightening if you have dependents who are counting on you to take care of their needs, but don’t give up hope. Keep striving to find a new job and find other ways to supplement your family’s income and health insurance needs until then. Things will come together before you know it.

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