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Affordable Term Insurance: let’s deliberate

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

When we are talking about affordable term life insurance, there is always the minor hiccup to figure out how much is affordable for you exactly. While you have a plethora of term life insurance options online, some claiming to be most affordable and most giving you a list of direct quotes you can decide from yourself, there is still the question of ‘will what is affordable today still remain affordable tomorrow?’ The idea of term life insurance itself is to save a lot of money on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth life insurance when compared to a whole life insurance, while compromising on the fact that you will not be left with any insurance after your term finishes. So, if you are not going to get any insurance benefit after the term or a refund of all the money (except in return-of-premium policy) you invested in the policy, it basically comes down to giving away money for so many years so as to make sure your family is safe ‘if’ something untoward has to happen to you during the term. This is a big ‘if’ is facts and figures are to be considered. Experts say less than 1% claims are benefitted in the case of term life policies.

The affordability of term insurance rates thus is very debatable. More so because, lay offs or depreciation of income is a daily occurrence in today’s economy. Ideally speaking, 5% of your income could be allotted the insurance slot so that even if there is a financial hiccup, you wouldn’t be forced to terminate the expenditure on premiums. The term insurance rates, like the whole life insurance, depend on a lot of factors and in fact work on the same mortality tables. You can cut down on the term life insurance rates by cutting down on the types of coverage. A complete term life policy covers death by any means. You do not need certain types of coverage based on your lifestyle, so by careful deliberation you can choose not to include that coverage in your policy. This is effective till some extent but people tend to get greedy over them and cut out most types thinking ‘that can’t happen to me’. The other ways to get best term insurance rates are to give up on adventure sports, not take up a job that involves certain risks, quitting smoking and managing weight. You would be surprised to learn that some of these innately personal options can affect the rate of your insurance, but they just happen to be your best bet to get the best rates from a decent company.

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