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Baby Boomer Health Cost Factors

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Baby boomer health cost factors are coming more and more to the forefront of any discussion on controlling health care costs in this country. That is because this important age demographic (those people born between 1945 and 1964) is one of the largest blocks of people in this country. They are also entering their retirement years at ever increasing numbers, and will require health care more often.

Just as with everything else to do with boomers, the movement of their demographic affects our society as a whole. In other words; what the boomers want, the boomers get and this is no different for healthcare than it is for just about anything else. Consider that many boomers who were extremely active in their younger years are now experiencing certain orthopedic issues, for example.

What this means is that the physical toll that this focus on activities that were physical in nature is beginning to manifest itself in hip and knee replacements, which are becoming an increasingly large proportion of the medical procedures that are being performed on boomers as they age. A single knee replacement can cost a princely sum of money and imagine what a double knee replacement runs.

Also, baby boomers move in these demographics as a group, therefore it is the group as a whole that will affect how healthcare resources are allocated across an increasingly strained system that may be in need of serious reform very soon. Medicare, which is already basically bankrupt, will not be able to absorb the costs needed to look after the health of this huge demographic.

It also seems that the current reforms being proposed by government — depending on who you talk to — may not come close to solving this problem. In fact, one of the ways in which the government intends to fund healthcare for everybody is to reduce the money given to Medicare by $500 billion over several years. Anybody who thinks that boomers are all that eager to see that happen needs to think again.

It may be that some sort of rationing scheme will need to be implemented to ensure that everybody who is entitled to healthcare gets it, but that is only one portion of controlling the costs involved in delivering health care to boomers. The whole system needs to be looked at, starting with how we keep medical records and what is done with them when they are needed, for example.

At any rate, rising baby boomer health cost issues will not be going away anytime soon, for it is this age demographic which is continuing to flood the retired ranks and is placing an ever increasing burden on government health resources such as Medicare. It is not their fault that they are doing this, but the medical issues that the elderly bring to the table are certainly helping to contribute to costs.

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