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Best Ways to Get a Lower New Jersey Auto Insurance Quote

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Who doesn’t want to get lower New Jersey auto insurance quotes? If you don’t really want to, no sense reading the rest of this! If you are interested in a more affordable New Jersey auto insurance quote, then check out this list of questions that will help you drop those rates!

For better or worse, the majority of us simply don’t ask questions when we apply for a New Jersey insurance quote and accept what is being said. If you want to cut your costs and keep more money in your pocket, it’s time to change that and ask questions and see what choices are available. Start by getting several New Jersey auto insurance quotes that will allow you to see all the options that are out there. Take a few minutes to get your insurance quotes online and you’ll be able to complete this a lot more quickly. Make sure that you get at least 3-5 so that you can have a variety of quotes to review.

Once you’ve got all the New Jersey auto insurance quotes that you could, check out what your options are. Keep in mind that there are several questions you need to remember as you review your quotes. Not all may be applicable now, but you might use them in the future.

Find which of these discounts could help lower your New Jersey car insurance quote:

* How low is your deductible? $250 or $500?

* What’s the difference if you raise the deductible to $1000?

* Is there a discount for insuring more than one car?

* Do you qualify for a long term customer discount?

* Have you been accident free for three or more years?

* No moving violations in at least three years?

* Is there a driver training course discount for those that have taken the course?

* Does the defensive driving course you took allow you an additional discount?

* Do the anti-theft devices you have qualify for a discount and if you add more would they help as well?

* Do you qualify for a low mileage discount for being an infrequent driver?

* Will airbags enable you to get a discount?

* Do you have running lights on in daytime?

* If you have rentors or homeowners insurance can you combine them in the same company and get a discount?

* Do the college students in the family live away from home?

Thats a hefty list of ways to save on your New Jersey auto insurance quote. Each one of them could save you between 5% and 20% on your premiums. With the quotes that youve gotten, see how many of them cover all the ones for which you qualify? If they dont, call the insurance company and ask if they have that discount. And while you are on the phone, ask them if they have any others that are specific to that company.

By using that list and reviewing your quotes you then are prepared to make a choice of the right New Jersey auto insurance quote. You’ve done your homework and asked all the questions and your NJ car insurance quotes now have hundreds of dollars in savings. With time, that becomes quite substantial!

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