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Business Auto Insurance

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

There’s no denying that we’re in a deep economic slump. Unemployment rates have passed the 8.5% mark for the first time since the early Eighties. The financial institutions – banks and insurance companies – hog the bail-out trough. And second to them are the automakers. All of this complicates the issues that must be taken into account when making tough economic decisions for your business, including tasks like shopping for business auto insurance.

A business that uses a fleet of vehicles generally has an ongoing relationship with a car company and insurance company. And this spring and summer of 2009, those relationships will be in a greater state of flux than at any time before in history.

As fluid as the situation must become, the existence of the Internet and the ability to get instantaneous vehicle insurance quotes online will only make things even less likely to stay the same.

With the collapse of large insurers like AIG, what will that mean for insurance rates? With insurers under ever-mounting pressure to show profits, will they be offering lower rates to keep customers, or raising them to squeeze even more out of what they’ve got?

An online quote for business auto insurance isn’t just a way of getting a competitive advantage for companies with fleets of vehicles. Anyone who takes a tax deduction for vehicle expenses needs to look harder when vehicle insurance renewal time comes. And the Internet is the only way to do the kind of due diligence that these hard financial times require.

As the restructuring of the Big Three moves forward – particularly for General Motors and Chrysler, less so for Ford – the product loyalty factor will become less important, meaning many new car and truck buyers will be looking at models they never considered before. For the business decision maker, particularly in the SOHO market, the loss of confidence in the business auto and subsequent insurance market will be disruptive of previous business practice. It is in assisting the business vehicle buyer with business vehicle insurance data that shopping online will prove the value. Due diligence in the business vehicle insurance decision making process is best done online.

The watchword for 2009 in business is due diligence. And for those whose bottom line is affected by business auto insurance rates, due diligence can only be efficiently accomplished online. For those who have to buy or lease a vehicle this year, online quote facilities allow you to check rates on any kind of car, any year, and you will have to do this in the face of the turmoil over on-going vehicle maintenance with companies that are discussing bankruptcy.

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