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Canadian Auto Insurance Policy Made Easy

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

If you drive in the Canadian provinces, you have to have a Canadian auto insurance policy, or else you will not be legally driving in Canada. You will receive a pink colored card that will show that you have bought insurance in your home province. You need to show this upon request from an authority in a province outside your home. An authority can be a police officer.

You will not be able to, in some provinces, register your vehicle with the department of motor vehicles, until you have insured your car or truck. Some provinces sell insurance through government sponsored programs. But even in provinces with government option, you can buy insurance from a private company. In a government insurance sponsored province you can buy the minimum amount of insurance from the government.

In some Canadian provinces, the government deals with vehicle insurance claims while letting the private insurance people deal with property damage claims. In any event, the provinces require that all private insurance companies outline in a clear and easily understood manner, the type and amount of coverage the company provides. Each province independently decides the minimum amount of liability insurance each vehicle needs to have. Check with your province to learn what minimum amount you need to carry for each of your vehicles.

In some provinces, men and women do not get a separate policy written out. Instead they have on their printed registration form, the type and amount of coverage the vehicle has. In the provinces where government is responsible for covering the vehicles of their citizens, the auto registration is all proof necessary of coverage. If there is add on insurance coverage that is listed on the registration.

You will find that there are some Canadian provinces where if you suffer injury in an auto wreck, you will not be able to sue for above the limit of the uninsured driver policy. In some provinces, if your vehicle has suffered damage because of the fault of another, your insurer compensates you for the loss. You will not deal with the person at fault or his or her insurance company.

The basics of your auto insurance policy remains the same throughout the Canadian provinces. However, you will find some differences that you have to be aware of if you want to drive legally in Canada. You will need to get in touch with your local insurance bureau to find out the proper insurance for you auto.

Many, when give a choice, will pick the private car insurance policy companies over the government sponsored plans. This is primarily because the government plan is administered by a bureaucracy while the private plan is run by working men and women there are interested in profit margin.

There are many people, men and women who like that the government provides an affordable insurance choice and rate when people specially insure their vehicles. Through the government provider, they know at least they are within the government’s law. It’s important contact the local insurance provider for more information.

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