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Choose the right type of ‘cheap’ term insurance

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Term life insurance does not have all the benefits of a whole life insurance policy. But on the positive side, term life insurance requires you to pay a lot less in premiums. A term life policy runs for a certain length of time during which benefits will be paid out in the case of your death and after the completion of the term, you will have no insurance coverage for life. Many financial experts back up the concept of term life insurance as a very good option when the difference in the premiums between term life and whole life are measured. If the difference is invested elsewhere, you could have a much better return by the end of the term, they say.

But investment opportunities are not why most people choose term life policies. Cheap term life insurance is sought by those families that are just starting out or people who might have outstanding debts in the event of their death. Cheap term life insurance is available for almost any budget. The first factor that determines the cost of term life premiums is the type of policy taken out. Term life policies generally come in five types. The cheaper term life policies are the decreasing term insurance and level premium term insurance. Decreasing term insurance policy has low fixed premiums while the benefit amount your survivors receive in the event of your death decreases every year. Every year, there is less mortgage to pay and every year, the kids grow towards self-caring. Though, this is not a pleasing option for everyone, people choose it because it offers the lowest premiums. There is always the chance that you grow richer by the year, so there is no reason why your kids or spouse should depend on your insurance when there are savings and other funds that would be available to them. Another type of cheap term insurance is the annual renewable term insurance policy through where you renew your term policy every year depending on your need, till you reach the age of 65.

While they do not fall into the category of ‘cheap’ per se, the renewable term insurance and convertible term insurance are also affordable with the best interest of your survivors in mind. Renewable term insurance gives you the option to extend your term when the original term finishes. This is most important in the untoward case that you develop a health condition during the term that would render you ineligible for insurance.  Convertible term insurance gives you the option of converting into whole life or any other kind of policy you wish to choose.

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