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Civil rights movement

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

The need to have the right to life comprises of different areas of consideration. Overall, with the existence of human rights, each individual’s right to live and everything that goes with it is easily protected by the law. Understandably, this particular fact etches the reason behind the development of laws that are designed to protect the rights of human individuals at present.

It is considered that nobody is above the law which indicates that civil rights, as a law, is a balancing element that makes it easier for different kinds and classes of people to be able to live in a single community that aims to provide them the shelter and the socialization that they need. It could be observed that through this, everyone becomes aware of what particular rights they have and how could these rights possibly protect them and their interests in coming up with a rightful life that they deserve to have. More than anything else, the law on civil rights aim to further protects the life of each individual as it is.
In connection with the existence of the said law, civil rights movement simply point out the aim of human individuals as well as organizations and groups within the society to pursue their rights to several things and several matters which they think should be regulated or deregulated in connection with the already existing civil rights law that are established by the government.

Besides that, civil rights movement also aims to restate the different laws which the people may think as not being thoroughly followed by the government during certain cases. In short, civil rights movement serves as the main operation o f the human society to ensure that their rights as individuals are given careful thought by the administrative governments ruling them in their own land.

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