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Features Of J1 Visa Insurance

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

The United States of America presents a truly cosmopolitan academic experience that is often considered to be one of the best worldwide. Its vast array of colleges and universities makes it a globally acknowledged center of academic excellence, attracting thousands of international students and research scholars. The U.S Department of State has mandated clauses for compulsory health insurance j1 visa for visiting overseas scholars and exchange students who avail the J1 Visa.

As stipulated by the State department, any exchange visitor to America needs to be covered by a J1 Visa health insurance policy which meets the departmental specifications. Disregard or non-compliance with this stipulation could mean cancellation of the J1 Visa, and subsequently, deportation.

Every J1 health insurance policy must defray a policy maximum of $50,000 to facilitate emergency medical services and treatment of each injury or sickness. This also includes medication and hospitalization coverage. The policy is also required to reimburse $10,000 for emergency evacuation and $7,500 towards repatriation of mortal remains.

The State Department of USA suggests opting for a respected and well established company as the provider for the J Visa insurance policy. The subscriber can rely on the A.M Best rating for useful benchmarks and policy merits. It is recommended that the underwriter should be rated A- or better.

Spouses and/or children who are the dependents of the J1 visa holder are also required to be covered by an insurance policy that satisfies the State Departmental requirements. Generally, J1 visa insurance policies incorporate provisions for facilitating coverage options for his/her dependents as well.

There are several health insurance policies for J1 visa holders that offer comprehensive coverage for medical and health emergencies, including emergency hospitalization, medication and physician’s consultation. These policies also offer coverage prescribed drugs and diagnostics, necessary surgeries and therapeutic treatments. The insurance policy’s assistance services typically provide immediate response to medical emergencies like accidental injuries, ailments and unforeseen sicknesses.

The j1 visa health insurance policy is an extremely important factor in limiting medical expenditure while residing in the U.S. Unlike many countries, the U.S government expects exchange students to take care of personal medical bills during emergencies. Depending on the medical issue, these bills could be very high. Comprehensive medical coverage ensures that the student is not forced to arrange for the necessary financial resources, when faced with a medical exigency.

Policy details, quotes and reviews for the J visa insurance are easily available online, where students could easily select the most applicable policy. Payment could also be made online, through an extremely simple and secure subscription process. Proof of insurance purchase and coverage is usually available immediately after purchase online.

Ray Sondeo often writes about Visitor insurance.

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