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Get At Least The Minimum That Both The State And You Need

Todays Date: December 12, 2018

In Los Angeles, car insurance is mandatory. And it’s mandatory all around the country. Each state has defined a minimum amount of coverage that a driver must have on their cars. This is to protect the car’s owner as well as anyone they may get into an accident with.

But on top of the state, if you owe on your car, the loan company wants even more coverage. If you wreck a new car, the people who gave you a loan want to make sure they get their money back. Speaking with a car insurance specialist will help you understand what you need in your car policy.

Los Angeles car insurance can cover just state minimums or they can include “comp and collision”. Comp is short for comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive is different from collision. Collision covers, of all things, damages due to collisions. Comprehensive covers pretty much everything else that can happen to a car.

This can include fire and theft. Most people who owe money on their car will carry additional comp and collision to make sure their car is fully covered. State minimums usually cover liability insurance. This means if you are the cause of an accident, your insurance will cover the other vehicle and its passengers. It will often not cover the cost of repairing your car though.

Car insurance requires that all drivers in a household be listed. This means that the newly minted 16 year old driver is included in that list. If someone in the house drives the car and is not on the policy, the damage they do will not be covered.

While most parents dread the addition of their teenager, it is a necessary evil to be bore. Without insurance, you, as the legal guardians, become liable for any damages they cause. And teen drivers are more likely to cause accidents than most senior citizens. So, talk to your insurance agent about adding your teen to your policy.

There are ways to save on Los Angeles car insurance. Take a few moments and see if you qualify for any discounts. If you own more than one vehicle, many insurance companies will give you a multi-car discount. If you are part of a car club or seniors group, mention this to your insurance agent. Often these groups can get special discounts.

Look and see what raising your deductibles will do to your rates. You will find that raising your deductible will often lower your rate significantly. Make a single payment on your policy. It will save you the monthly processing fees.

For more information, take a moment and speak with one of the insurance agents at Los Angeles Car Insurance.

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