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Get The Attention Of CEO Recruiters – CFO Headhunter – How To Get Top Executive Jobs – Exec Recruiters

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

If You’re Seeking Board Of Directors, CEO Jobs, CFO Job Offers Or Attention From Executive Recruiters, Here Is What To Do. Obviously people want what they can’t have, it’s written in our genetic code to desire what we don’t have and fight for what seems achievable.

It’s the same with recruiters; if you’re available and eager then you are less desirable of a marketable asset but if you have published work all over the place, how to videos plastered on the web and you are intricately involved with the upper echelon power base in your industry niche, the key element becomes having massive visibility, and the reputation for being seen with the who’s who in the industry.

Get your articles published in industry journals and the newspaper. Make yourself available to news affiliates as an industry expert and do the same with radio. Consult for free with industry blogs and websites with high traffic and PR value. Work out a publicity deal in exchange for your efforts.

Have an aura of mystery about you. Don’t put personal information on social media sites; only use the internet for professional self promotion. What will begin to happen is first you’ll be asked to advise on transactions such as private company restructuring, then companies in the process of going public, then you’ll be lobbied for advisory board positions with public companies.

After you’ve proven yourself as an active and solid adviser and your name is associated with successful transactions you’ll begin to get the opportunity to serve on board of directors for public companies starting on the OTCBB and eventually the NASDAQ and NYSE.

Once you’ve established a pedigree with empirical evidence of strategy, contacts and the ability to work with a board for the short term and long term betterment of the company, open up the floodgates and let the offers come rolling in.

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