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Global Consulting Firms – Global Expansion Consultants – Take Your Company Public – Change Is Needed

Todays Date: August 19, 2017

Placid expressions on the faces of the soon to be sacrificed entrepreneurs, “Line up, take a number, politicians are momentarily occupied at the citizen guillotine but they’ll get to you in a moment. Yes, just stand there and wait your turn while the IRS picks your pockets and bankers rape you of your dignity, don’t worry it will all be over soon.”

Is this a little to graphic or a little to real? Which is more upsetting to you? I believe that the fact that the above is the psychological reality of the American populace at this moment in time and that is what’s so disturbing. We are led to the slaughter as sacrificial lambs and we are expected to just grin and take it as it is our patriotic responsibility not to complain. Just take this two ton backpack of burdens, place them on the backs of our infants and move on. Right? I am asked to speak on the topic of global finance, IPOs and corporate globalization internationally and the one common thread I see in every country I visit is that the citizens of the host country feel that it is their patriotic duty to stand there while corrupt politicians place the noose over their children’s heads and slowly suffocate the lives out of them with debt, corruption and the economic burdens of multiple generations.

Truth be told, the patriotic thing to do is ask questions, protect our children from a mountain of growing debt and tell the institutional powers that be exactly what we demand of them. In the meantime what does a company do when they are trying to raise capital to stimulate rapid growth or stabilize their position? The last thing you want to do is open yourself up to the life sucking banking imps who lend with the intent to repossess.

Take the power back, create wealth for your family and your children’s children. Take your company public, start with the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin board) if you can’t qualify for a larger exchange and grow from there. Be smart with your corporate capital and use your stock sparingly and preserve it. Before you sell shares for public consumption, conserve your share price by securities backed loans like PIPEs.

Offer shares to loyal employees and give them a chance as well. Politicians will pick your pockets until there is nothing left, banks are pawns to the Federal Reserve whose sole purpose is to bury you in debt and wrap invisible handcuffs around your wrists. Go public. Create opportunity and wealth and take charge of your own fate.

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