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Health Insurance, do I really need it?

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

A lot of people settle for health insurance that is free of charge, known as public sector health insurance. The benefits of public sector health insurance are it costs nothing and provides basic coverage. You never have to worry about it unless you get sick or need other medical attention. But what if something goes terribly wrong and you cannot cover the extremely high medical costs? You should have signed up for a policy.

However, most people need to upgrade to a more feasible rate. Improving your coverage means more services are provided and more costs covered. It’s a safe bet to take on something as unpredictable as health. And best of all the premiums are not always that high, especially if you are in relatively good health.

Medical science and research has discovered the average life span of male and females increasing. The numbers are quite staggering as statistics show an average of 81-82 years for females and 77-78 years for males. What could you do in your life with those extra years?

More studies and research is being done on the human body. Doctors are stressing the importance of eating nutritious and exercising regularly. The public is learning more about the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol. People are taking charge of their lifestyles and becoming healthier.

“I’m healthy, so why do I need health insurance?” Good question and health insurance providers understand your doubt. But health concerns or problems can pop up at anytime. No matter how could of health you are in, your body is unpredictable and can turn for the worse at any moment. That is why you need rock solid coverage.

The bad tendency to fall into is being complacent with your current health and only turning to medical attention when your health really becomes horrible. Now you are rushing to the insurance company to gain coverage on your treatment. The problem is insurance companies will only cover the bare minimum they can, forcing you to still carry some of the burden in terms of dollars. If you sign up in advance, your coverage is much stronger and may not require you to pay a cent of your medical bills.

Sign up for health insurance early and receive a terrific plan. Taking care of yourself is the first step, but having a sturdy backup plan, a solid health insurance policy will act as additional support, helping push you up the hill of life. Through the ups and downs, trials and errors, health insurance coverage can provide the support you need.

Graham McKenzie is the content Syndication Manager at insurance123.co.zaSouth Africa’s leading Health Insurance information portal.

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