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Hot, cold or iced? How do you take your coffee?

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Barista have brought the famed coffee house to India, opening its’ first premises in the year 2000 in New Delhi, now already boasting more than 230 establishments. So as Italy is famed for its short black coffee, France for the espresso, and England for the worst instant coffee on the market, these days your coffee can come in any shape or form imaginable.

Coffee need not necessarily be drunk hot, and it is the culture in countries such as Spain to drink a “café con hielo” literally meaning a coffee with ice on a hot summer’s day. Just because the day is hot, it doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on our morning hot coffee. Take it hot, cold, iced, or however you like, just like iced tea is also a common refreshing country throughout the globe.

Barista offers such a large range of hot coffee, iced coffee and cold coffees, from a simple black coffee, to cappuccinos, espressos, iced coffee, and so much more, you are guaranteed to be spoiled for choice. And selling snacks alongside, a Barista coffee house is the perfect place to stop for a quick snack whilst on the go, or for a refreshing iced coffee on that hot summer’s day.

How you take your coffee is entirely up to you. Maybe you like to follow the tradition of the Italian with a small dark coffee, or maybe you rather a longer, smoother coffee, less strong such as the French espresso. Order your coffee exactly to your tastes, hot, cold, iced, with or without milk, just how you like it, Barista is guaranteed to have a coffee to suit you, and that coupled with the excellent service on offer throughout all its’ establishments, you are guaranteed to plan a return visit. So stop off at your nearest coffee shop today to see what there is on offer!

Jatin Sharma is an owner of espresso bars in India who offers Cappuccino Coffee for so many years. For more information about cold coffee and hot Coffee please visit – www.barista.co.in

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