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How To Keep Teens Safe and Their Auto Insurance Rates Low

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Getting a driver’s license is one of the things a teen-ager looks forward to most in their young lives—and it’s one of the things that parents dread. Not only will car insurance rates increase, thanks to your teen, but you’re putting your child in a steel missile and hoping for the best.

The first time you wave good-bye to your teen driver as they set out on their first solo mission can be one of the most trying times for a parent. All you can do is hope the education, the lectures and the threats translate into a safe driver.

A parent’s greatest fear is getting that phone call from the police or the hospital saying that your child was in a serious accident and is injured or worse. And no matter how much you tell your teen to be careful, chances are they simply are not going to take driving safety as seriously as you want them to. While parents’ number one concern is always for the safety of their child, not far behind is the concern of increased car insurance as soon as you put your teenager on your policy.

Teen-agers get into far more accidents than any other segment of the population, which can lead to paying more than double in insurance premiums. The best way to avoid these increases is to make certain your child never gets into an accident in the first place.

When a teen-ager gets their license, parents need to sit down with their teen and draw up a contract laying down the rules to the road in your house. For example, if a teen is late for curfew, they lose their car keys for a week. If they get a speeding ticket, they lose the car keys for a month. They get caught drunk driving, they lose driving privileges for a year.

If parents spell out clearly the consequences of bad driving, the teen not only comprehends the seriousness of their driving privileges, but understands the consequences of their failure to obey your household’s rules. Put a contract together so you have everything clearly laid out in writing. This gives teens a guideline outlining exact consequences to their actions. If a rule is broken, you can pull out that contract, show them their signature, and impose the punishment.

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is being lenient for a first offense.

We all have kids who are great a begging and wheedling and getting out of punishments, but this is one case in which a parent must stick to their guns and follow through. It not only could save you money on your car insurance by preventing increased premiums, your tough love might also save their lives.

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